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Water Heater Repairs In Covina

We never think about the hot water in our homes – until it’s gone – or working sporadically. When problems pop up with your water heater, you need to call the expert plumbers at Top Notch Plumbing to get the issue found and fixed fast! Our plumbing company is experienced in tank and tankless water heaters repairs; we are Navien Tankless water heater installation, operation and diagnostic certified.

Are you looking for a local and reliable Covina plumber for water heater repairs? Is so, then give the professionals at Top Notch Plumbing a call!

Going without consistent hot water in your home can be frustrating and annoying, especially in the middle of doing dishes or while in the shower. With our comprehensive water heater repair service, we’ll have your hot water back in no time!

Signs You May Need Water Heater Repairs

It’s inevitable that your water heater will break down, that comes with age and use. Until it comes time to replace your water heater, regular maintenance is a must and water heater repairs can keep it going for a good while. If you have any of these following issues, it’s time to call a Covina plumber for water heater repairs: 

  • Banging – If you’re hearing loud banging noises from your water heater, that’s a sign the valve may need to be replaced because it keeps spontaneously shutting down.
  • Water Under The Tank – If you have water pooling underneath your tank, it means you have a leak. Leaks in a water heater lessen the strength of the tank and you’ll need to talk to a professional on what to do next.
  • Water Heats Slowly – When you turn on the hot water tap and it’s taking longer than usual for the water to heat up, then you might need a new thermostat.
  • Cloudy Water – If you notice your water is cloudy, that’s the result of the accumulation of calcium and magnesium in your tank.
  • Sediment In Your Tank – If you have sediment in your tank, then it needs to be flushed.
  • Old Water Heater – If your tank is over 10 years old, water heater repairs may no longer do the trick, you may want to start thinking about replacing it with a new one.

For these, or any other water heater issue you may have, call the Covina plumbers you can trust to get the repairs you need!


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