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3 Common Toilet Plumbing Problems

The most used room in your West Covina home is your bathroom; the centerpiece being the toilet. It’s a major inconvenience when it’s not working properly, not to mention frustrating. There’s also the fact that, when your toilet is clogged and running over it could cause water damage to your baseboards and floor.

Here are 3 common toilet plumbing problems:

Clogging – This is one of the most common toilet issues. If the holes under the rim of your toilet bowl are clogged, you may experience a “weak flush.” The holes can be cleared out using a stiff wire, just be careful not to scratch the bowl. If it’s just a minor clog, you can use a toilet plunger, but for more serious clogs, you should call a professional West Covina plumber to get it sorted quick and with little inconvenience to your household.

Low Water Level – If you notice that the water seems to be slowly leaving your toilet bowl after you flush, it’s possible there’s a bit of toilet pater clogging the drain. If you don’t notice any type of blockage, then your bowl may have a crack and needs replacing by a professional plumber.

Refills Randomly – If your toilet is randomly refilling, and you haven’t flushed it recently, that could be a sign the flapper valve or seal is failing, and one or the other will need to be replaced. Toilet repairs can become health hazards and need to be taken care of immediately, so be sure to call your local West Covina plumbing pros to handle the plumbing repairs.

How Your Toilet Works

A basic understanding of how your porcelain throne works normally will help you diagnose what problems yours may be having. Under the lid of the toilet tank, you’ll see a chain that’s attached to handle you depress to flush. When you push the handle down, the chain lifts and pulls a flapper valve, which makes the water in the tank travel through the flush valve and into the toilet bowl. The tank then refills until the float ball lifts to the proper height and shuts off the fill valve.

If your toilet seems to not be flushing or filling, there may be a problem with your flushing mechanism. If this is the case, you’ll need to call your West Covina plumber for plumbing repairs because a non-properly flushing toilet can be a health hazard.

If you’re having toilet troubles, call your West Covina plumbing pros for expert plumbing repairs today!

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