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Signs Your Covina Home Needs Professional Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is a common plumbing service for Covina homeowners. Unfortunately, most homeowners think they can handle their clog issues with a plunger and store-bought drain cleaners. Those chemicals can damage your pipes and cause a costlier repair. If you have a clog or a slow-moving drain, call the plumber experts at Top Notch Plumbing for a drain cleaning today!

How do you know you need a professional drain cleaning? Here are a few signs that indicate you may need to schedule drain cleaning services.

  • Standing In Dirty Water – If you have a shower/tub combo, and you’re taking a shower and find yourself standing in ankle-deep water, that’s a sign of a slow-moving drain or the beginning of a clog. The best solution is to call a professional¬†Covina plumber¬†to get the drain cleared out as soon as possible.
  • Frequent Toilet Back Up – If your toilet is constantly running over, then there’s a clogged pipe. Call a plumber to get it sorted quick. A plumbing pro can remove whatever the blockage may be, from hard plastic toys, hard sediment and other objects.
  • Frequent Clogs and Backups In The Kitchen Sink – If your kitchen sink is clogging or backing up on a regular basis, then you need a drain cleaning. Trying to unclog a sink on your own can be difficult, even more so if you have a double basin sink. Calling a plumber for a professional drain cleaning can save you the hassle, time and headache.

Tips To Keep Your Drains Flowing Free

  • Don’t use harsh, store-bought chemicals in your drains because your pipes could end up damaged, and that’s an expensive fix. Having your drains cleaned by a professional is a better long-term solution.
  • Drain Traps – Adding a drain trap in your shower will help you catch hair and bits of soap before they can escape down the drain and cause an issue.
  • Don’t Pour Grease Down The Sink – When you pour grease down the drain, it eventually hardens and congeals, which will cause it to be slow-moving until it completely clogs.

If you have any of these problems in your Covina home, then be sure to call your local plumbing pros to get your drains set to rights quickly and with little inconvenience to your household.

If you are looking for drain cleaning in the Covina area, please call 626-664-5519 or complete our online request form.

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